Jet Fire and Cold Spill Protection

When a Jet Fire protection is required, SITAL products are treated with certified intumescent paint in the required protection class (J30, J60, etc.)

Always with intumescent paint it is also possible to obtain a Cold Spill protection. The Cold Spill protection is used to limit the risks generated by the possible breakage of the gas distribution pipes, in cases where the gas that escapes from the pressure pipe expands but does not catch fire, thus causing a very strong lowering of the temperature on the contact surfaces. Which, if not protected, could incur in serious mechanical / structural damage.

Intumescent paints are available that can ensure that both protections with a single product: Jet Fire and Cold Spill.

Containers and Modular Containerized Substations equipped with Jet Fire or Cold spill protection are available with the same features and accessories already indicated for containers with passive resistance to fire (pool fire)