Main features

The range includes 11 models of enclosures for gen-sets powered between 30 and 800 kVA.
Each model is available in two versions: standard and extended.
The extended version has an extra space at the alternator end side for the installation of a separated control panel.

Building features
SITAL FAST enclosures are composed of:

  • A supporting structure made of carbon steel profiles
  • Panels made of pre-painted flat galvanized steel, which constitute the walls and roof. These panels are insulated with rock wool belonging to Euroclass A1 of fire reaction, and they are clad with micro-stretched galvanized steel sheet.


The residual noise level achieved by SITAL FAST enclosures has been recorded within 63 and 70 dB(A) at 7 m of distance in free field. These values can vary according to the enclosure model, the noise source and the dimensions of the gen-set.

Mounting kit

The enclosures are delivered in mounting kits.

The package has been studied so that the space occupied is reduced to the minimum, saving up on transport and warehousing costs.

The enclosure kit is extremely easy to assemble. SITAL developers have perfected a very fast mounting system: two people in about 30 minutes can get the enclosure ready.