ISO 9001 certified Quality Management


  • Interpret the evolution of the operating context and define consequent strategies with reference to its management aspects and product development;
  • Identify opportunities and threats that may impact on company management;
  • Minimize customer and internal non-conformities;
  • Improve product quality;
  • Implement and maintain continuous improvement;
  • Provide all the resources necessary for the effectiveness of the QMS;
  • Ensure constant enhancement, motivation and professional growth of human resources;

  • Improve the working environment, the safety of plants and production processes.

Other reference standard:

  • UNI EN 1090 | La norma EN1090 certifica le strutture industriali in acciaio, dimostrando la presenza di personale altamente qualificato e attrezzature tecniche adeguate. Con la certificazione EN1090 è possibile apporre il marchio CE su prodotti in acciaio costruiti secondo la stessa.
  • UNI EN ISO 3834-3:2005 | With UNI EN ISO 3834 are certified the companies that carry out welding operations with regards to the “Quality” of the welds performed.