Main features

Containerized generator sets

The SITAL experience involves the adoption of the following systems:

  • Filtration system (for containers that house combustion engines – diesel or gas – or transformers) – With possibility of several filtration stages, configured based on the level of efficiency required by the reference specifications:
  • Stage 1: Sand trap filters or, alternatively, inertial filters
  • Stage 2: Acrylic or metal filters
  • Stage 3: Rigid pocket filters for the filtration of the finest particles.
  • Stage 4: Forced ventilation system to overcome the pressure lose exerted by the filters and ensure the expected ∆T between the temperature of the internal and external environment.

Containerized electrical substations

  • Air conditioning system (for containerized substations made for housing electrical panels, with or without the human presence) – Also redundant, made with machines having characteristics in accordance with the reference specifications and suitable for operating to the maximum temperatures foreseen for the location of installation. Also are available ATEX air conditioners for installations in hazardous areas. They can be made with stainless steel structures to ensure the better durability even in environments characterized by high corrosivity.
  • Pressurization system – Also redundant, it has to purpose to completing the action exerted by the filtration or conditioning system (with equipment in stand by), protecting the internal containerized substation environment from the possible penetration of sand and dust from door gaskets or other structural passages.

Containerized control cabin protected by sand storm damage

In the job here below, the containers act as a control cabin for a power generation plant built with gas turbines and located in a desert environment. The peculiarity of the project is given by the use of a second container installed on the roof of the control cabin, with the porpuse to ensure the protection of the air conditioning system installed in envent of sand storm.

The goal is reached through the use of a three-stage filtration system, consisting of: 1) inertial filters; 2) rigid pocket filters; 3) metal filters. The system thus created ensures IP55 protection, to the benefit of both the air used for pressurization and replacement, and for the proper functioning of the air conditioners and the extension of their life cycle.

The SITAL offer can be limited to the supply of only Containers or Substations or can be extended to the complete package, including all the systems:

  • HVAC System suitable for high temperatures environment
  • Pressurization system
  • Fire and gas detection and suppression system with components suitable for high temperatures environment
  • Passive fire protection
  • Blast resistance
  • Lighting system
  • Equipment inserting and mechanical fixing of customer equipment
  • Electrical and hydraulic connections
  • Packing
  • Etc.