Main features

SITAL “High Performance” super sound-attenuated enclosures for gen-sets up to 250 kVA

SHP are monolithic enclosures for indoor and outdoor installations, suitable to reach a residual noise level of 55 dB(A) measured at 7 m in free field.

They are used for gen-sets rated up to 250 kVA.

SHP enclosures have a drop-over installation: the enclosure rests on the enclosure base, fittingly built, and to which it gets bolted.

The base is built by the Customer following the instructions given by our Technical dept., or it can be optionally included in SITAL supply.

The painting cycle changes according to the environment and climate of the site of installation.

Super soundproofed cabins
Demountable cabin for power plant

Demountable enclosures for power plants

These enclosures are especially engineered to reach high levels of acoustic dampening on stationary big equipment, where frequent maintenance is required.

Special features are:

  • Enclosure of any size and shape, that can be built thanks to modular panels
  • High acoustic dampening, achieved using extra technical devices besides panels insulation
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to panels that can be demounted by removing only a few bolts (a small hoist can be supplied inside the enclosure)

Two versions are available: For indoor use; For outdoor use

The soundproofing level is studied each time according to the Customer’s request.

Soundproofing rooms within buildings

SITAL studies and installs soundproofing of gen-sets installed inside rooms with concrete walls.

Soundproofing is made using:

  • sound-dampening baffles applied on the openings for air inlet/outlet of the room
  • exhaust gas silencers mounted in suitable position and to be conveyed in the room chimney
  • auxiliary ventilation system, if necessary
  • sand and dust filtration systems (on request)

The soundproofing baffles and the exhaust gas silencers are always sized according to: residual noise level to be achieved, exhaust gas flow, radiator cooling air flow.

Building soundproofing
Special soundproofing for pump group applied under self-propelled mean

Soundproofing of industrial vehicles

SITAL production includes also the engineering and soundproofing of noisy parts of industrial vehicles, such as trucks, trains, vans, etc., and also special equipment such as tractors, excavators, etc.

Our personnel will be available for an inspection, measuring the noise on the parts that need sound-attenuation; the next steps will be:

  • a preliminary feasibility study
  • engineering, building and painting of whole parts for the executive project

  • mounting on site

  • final test

Fuel Tanks

On request, SITAL manufactures the fuel tanks, that are going to be installed inside its own containers and enclosures.

Fuel tanks manufactured by SITAL are usually vertical, with square base. They are sized in order to fit them inside the available spaces of the containers and enclosures.
Single-skin and double-skin fuel tanks are available.

All technical passages are provided, while accessories (level gauges, valves, pumps, etc.) are supplied only upon Customer’s request.

On request, fuel tanks installation are provided: for indoor use; for outdoor use

Fuel tank