Main features

They are preferably used when the quantity of modifications necessary to regenerate the container is not so high or complex as to render the solution no longer convenient both from a technical and economic point of view.

Below is a brief list of the change activities normally carried out:

  • Realization of the structural passages required for: side doors, air passages, cable / pipe passages, etc.
  • Possible removal of the wooden floor to replace with a steel floor
  • Application of thermal or acoustic insulation
  • Application of suitable acoustic protections on the air flow openings
  • Application of rainproof grilles on air passages

  • Application of new doors on the sides

  • Application of suitable protections on the cable passages
  • Complete repainting of the Application of suitable exhaust gas silencer in case of containers for generating set

The SITAL offer can be limited to the supply of containers only or be inclusive of all the accessories required: lighting, Fire & Gas, HVAC, pressurization, electrical connections etc.