Main features

With the strong affirmation of the of renewable energy production, the there is a growing demand from the market for containers with the function of energy storage. That are nothing more than containers for housing of suitable lithium batteries for energy storing at the service of the distribution network and photovoltaic and eolic plants.

Containers made for energy storage can be equipped with all the necessary auxiliary systems, such as:

  • Lighting and grounding system
  • Sprinkler fire extinguishing system
  • Air conditioning system
A collage of images showing different views of a large white container designed for housing lithium battery storage systems.
A collection of images showcasing different perspectives of a battery storage container.

Maximum accessibility to the battery racks is ensured with a door system that can cover the entire length of the containers, on both sides.

The containers thus realized can be CSC certified, to be stacked and transported by ship. The available certificate allows up to a maximum of seven other containers to be stacked on top of the SITAL containers for battery storage.