Main features

The SITAL experience involves the adoption of the following solutions:

  • Steel suitable for low temperatures

  • Heating system realized with certified heaters for low temperatures
  • Anti-freeze heating cables, applied along the door gaskets, along the perimeter of the removable panels, around the electric motors of fans and dampers
Blast resistant container for low temperatures environment
(628) HVAC system for pressurization, cooling and air change suitable fo...
  • Ventilation, fire & gas detection and lighting systems made with certified materials for low temperatures
  • Air conditioning system suitable for low temperature environment (used when inside electrical substation are installed equipment that lose high quantity of heat)

The structural characteristics of containers or substations can be adapted to passive fire protection and explosion resistance classes dictated by the reference specifications (according to SOLAS or EN 13501 and ASCE regulations).

Hot air recirculation system

  • This system is used to raise the internal temperature until reaching the minimum threshold necessary to allow the correct functioning of the container installed equipment. It used for combustion engines or in any case for equipment that, for him correct running, requires the contribution of an inlet air flow with a controlled temperature, not lower than a predetermined threshold. The recirculation is made with external or internal ducts, modulable motorized dampers and of the development of an operating logic.

The SITAL offer can be limited to the supply of only Containers or Substations or can be extended to the complete package, including all the systems:

  • HVAC System
  • Pressurization system
  • Fire and gas detection and suppression system
  • Passive fire protection
  • Blast resistance
  • Offshore structural features (DNV 2.7.1, BS EN 12079)
  • Lighting system with component for low temperature
  • Equipment inserting and mechanical fixing of customer equipment
  • Electrical and hydraulic connections
  • Packing
  • Etc.