Production capacity

Thanks to the flexibility of the cycle and the plants available, SITAL is able to satisfy any request, regardless of the quantity of item to be built. In any case, SITAL agrees and plans with its customers the delivery plans according to the several needs.

Thanks to an efficiently structured organization, SITAL can proudly include in its history numerous orders for containers up to about 300 units, all successfully completed, without complaints related to delivery delays or product non-conformities..

Except for the accessories bought from the market, SITAL containers and enclosures are thoroughly engineered and manufactured within SITAL premises, from scratch to the finished product. This allows a constant monitoring of the production process.

Company structure

  • Global area of 19,000 m2 of which 12,000 m2 of covered area.

  • Of which a large area of approximately 1500 m2 reserved to offices:

    • Direction
    • Administration
    • Human resources
    • Quality assurance and control
    • Sales deparment
    • Technical department
    • Purchasing Department
    • Three meeting rooms
    • Office available to customers
  • Complete machine park, suitable for carrying out all the work necessary for the preparation of semi-finished products to be sent to the assembly line.

  • Exhaust gas silencers dept. – Here are manufactured the exhaust gas silencers placed in the soundproofed containers or cabins for generating setshousing.

  • Sandblasting dept. with automatic systems suitable for the treatment of module containers up to over 18 m in length

  • Painting dept. – Two painting plants (one is automatic), suitable for container up to over 18 m in length

  • Final fitting and system installation dept.

  • Warehouse

  • Large storage area for finished products

  • Wide availability of covered spaces for use by the Customer, for the completion of the systems not included in the scope of SITAL supply.

Alongside the main production segment of container new, the SITAL offer also covers the demand for modified freight containers to make them suitable for housing  various industrial machines. A feasibile solution in the limited cases where the low level of customization required is suitable to make the option technically feasible and economically convenient.