Documentation and design certification

Documentation design certification

SITAL is able to produce a complete bouquet of documents according to the reference specifications of the different projects and to the laws and regulations of the destination countries (CE, UL, CSA, EAC, etc.).

The following list is not representative of the entire technical file available, which can always be integrated on the basis of the indications contained in the reference specifications.

Quality Assurance Documents

  • ISO certificate
  • Quality Manual
  • Security management policy
  • Quality control plan
  • Test and inspection procedure (ITP)
  • FAT procedure
  • SAT procedure
  • Inspection and test record book
  • Test and inspection register (ITRB)

General documentation:

  • Transportation, erection and preservation procedures
  • Overall production progress plan (design, procurement, construction and testing)
  • Monthly advancement plan
  • Detailed progress plan
  • List of spare parts for commissioning and two years of activity
  • Use and maintenance manual
  • Packing list

Product documentation

  • General arrangement drawing (2D and 3D)
  • Shop details and assembly drawings, including accessories
  • Painting procedure
  • Report of painting tests
  • Structural analysis:
    • Lifting loadings
    • Wind resistance loadings
    • Blast loadings
    • Fire loadings
  • Welding book
  • Welding and test procedures report
  • Acoustic calculations:
    • Noise impact assessment (UN ISO 9613-2: 2006)
    • Noise level predictions
    • Acoustic testing reports


  • HVAC design drawing
  • HVAC Sizing calculation
  • HVAC data sheets

Fire detection and extinguishing system

  • Fire and gas detection layout drawing
  • I/O list
  • Cause & effect diagram
  • Data sheet of the components used
  • Wiring and interconnection diagram

Electrical system:

  • Electrical sigle line diagram
  • Electric schematic
  • Internal wiring diagram
  • Cable routing diagram
  • Earthing/grounding drawing
  • Cable list
  • Electrical specification and wiring drawing including uxiliaries
  • Utility consumption data
  • Illumination calculation
  • Grounding calculation
  • MCT’s layout calculation

Certifications and inspections by a third party

  • Passive fire protection according to SOLAS regulations: RINA, DNV, Russian Marine, etc.
  • Offshore container according to DNV 2.7.1, DNV 2.7.2, DNV 2.7.3, BS EN 12079: DNV, RINA, etc.
  • Painting: NACE
  • ATEX certification of the containers: BV, etc.
  • CSC certification: RINA